Friday, December 16, 2011

Extremists to the Right of Me! Extremists to the Left of Me!

Speaking of Tabloid Friend, he linked to this image today:
With this text below it:
Register residents to vote, get out the vote and insure that there is a high electorate turnout in 2012 because President Barack Hussein Obama needs to be re-elected, 70 democratic U.S. senators and 300 U.S. representatives need to be elected to perform the "People's" work.

The 112th U.S. congress will go down as the worst congress ever, thanks to the republicans and T.E.A. republicans that would rather insure that Obama is defeated than legislating for the majority while protecting the rights of our minorities.

Replace All republicans, T.E.A. republicans and some democrats with those individuals that will work for America and NOT for the special interests and their respective political party.
Of course, we'll be so much better off with moderates in Congress and the White House -- nice, murderous, warmongering, public education-undermining, Social Security-eroding, indefinite detention-craving, Wall Street-dependent moderates.

So, let's see: Obama will need seventy Democrats in the Senate and three hundred Democrats in the House to do anything? Would you like a new iPod and a pony to go with that? Odd; Bush was able to destroy the economy, shred civil liberties and invade Iraq with far fewer Republicans. But unless the economy takes a sudden and drastic upturn, I think stasis is the best Obama and his worshipers can hope for.