Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Vagabond Scholar's Jon Swift Memorial Best of 2022

Once again, Batocchio has posted his annual Jon Swift Memorial Roundup, carrying on the good work of the late satirist and blogger Al Weisel, alias Jon Swift.  Bloggers choose their own favorite post of the year, and Batocchio posts them.  Have a look, and see what you think.

I posted only once this year, and I didn't want that one post to represent me at the Roundup.  Luckily Batocchio allowed me to nominate another post from 2021, which I'd considered using last year.

I can't explain why I didn't post more this year.  I think it was a combination of frustration, and mild (though I don't think clinical) depression at the state of American politics and discourse.  I kept coming across topics that I thought somebody ought to address, but I couldn't sustain the energy to do it.  Plus, I admit, I let myself be distracted on social media, though that never really stopped me before.  Whatever: I'll try to be more productive in 2023.