Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I the People

I've noticed a lot of people defending the Tea Party Extended Tantrum by claiming that it's about "We the People", as in What ever happened to We the People?, or, as the great orator Sarah Palin calls it in the video clip below, "this 'We the People' message".

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And I thought: Wait a minute! I'm one of the American People too, and I don't support the Tea Party, let alone the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. The repetition of this mantra puts the lie to the recurring claim that the Republicans care about and support ordinary citizens: "conservatives’ vision is grounded in the belief that Americans are competent, decent, and hardworking, and it is the heavy hand of government that threatens to squelch American virtues." Only some Americans, and far from a majority; only some of "We the People", but, you know -- the right Americans.