Monday, September 27, 2010

Okay, Something Besides Politics ...

Like, oh my Ghod, there's going to be a remake of True Grit! That movie is totally a classic of Western Civilization! Why do They have to ruin everything!? Why can't Hollywood do something original, like another remake of Ben-Hur or A Christmas Carol?

Seriously, this trailer looks promising. I might even go to see the Coen Brothers' remake, though I've never seen the 1969 John Wayne version or read the Charles Portis novel both are based on. Here's a trailer for the first version, by the way. That was back in the day when Hollywood was original, so there was a spinoff version co-starring Wayne and Katherine Hepburn, sort of a 1970s Merry Wives of Windsor. According to imdb's trivia, "There had been plans for another film featuring the character Rooster Cogburn, to be entitled 'Someday', but it was canceled when this movie [i.e., Rooster Cogburn] proved to be only a moderate hit at the box office." Notice the incredibly cheesy drum-and-cymbals vamp over the Paramount logo at the beginning of the clip.