Sunday, September 13, 2009

More Teabaggers Who Can't Count: Elementary Arithmetic and Civics

Back for a moment to that CNN story on the teabagger protest in Washington.
"The government should be doing things that are authorized by the Constitution; they should be doing things that the people want, not things that they just decide are nifty," one demonstrator said. "We can't afford these things anymore."
First, taking care of the people's health is at least arguably authorized by the Constitution under promoting the general welfare. Second, health care reform isn't on the table now because the government just decided it was "nifty", it's because large numbers of Americans want reform. (Whether what Obama and the Democrats are pushing is really reform is another question.) That is, health care reform is a thing "that the people want," as polls continue to show.

Another teabagger:
Another man said, "We're here to let the government know that we do not want government involvement in our health care, nor do we want the higher taxation that comes along with such a proposal."
This guy may be another of the lackwits who think that Medicare and Medicaid are not government programs. But again, most Americans do want government involvement in their health care, and are willing to pay the higher taxation that comes with such a proposal. Most would prefer to save money by getting the US out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and most are not happy with the huge government bailout of the financial industry -- two very expensive programs that don't do any one any good. Here, at least, the teabaggers may be in agreement with most of their fellow citizens.

More elementary civics for teabaggers.

P.S. September 14. And some more advanced math on Saturday's capital rally from, thanks to my friend Leslie. It seems that Michelle Malkin didn't lie -- this time.