Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fool Me Sixty-Three Times, Shame on Me

Gareth Porter has a good article on the Obama administration's handling of the Qom nuclear facility. Sample:

A major question surrounding the official story is why the Barack Obama administration had not done anything – and apparently had no plans to do anything - with its intelligence on the Iranian facility at Qom prior to the Iranian letter to the IAEA. When asked whether the administration had intended to keep the information in its intelligence briefing secret even after the meeting with the Iranians on Oct. 1, the senior official answered obliquely but revealingly, "I think it's impossible to turn back the clock and say what might have been otherwise."

In effect, the answer was no, there had been no plan for briefing the IAEA or anyone.

What this means is that it was the Obama administration that was withholding information, not the Iranians, who notified the IAEA first. Our President sinks lower in my estimation daily.