Thursday, September 24, 2020

Too Beautiful for This World

I saw this trailer for a recent (well, 2018) Russian film called T-34 today.  It's about some Soviet POWs captured and imprisoned by the Nazis during World War II who for some reason were given a damaged tank to play with and used it to escape.  "BASED ON A LEGENDARY STORY" says one title card, which of course means it's fiction but who cares, it's got lots of explosions and shit.  I decided to look up some reviews online and maybe I'll check it out, the local library has a copy.

This bit from one of the reviews was hilarious, I thought:

... this is a film, not unlike several that have come out of China lately, which may appeal more to those with appropriately nationalistic backgrounds (i.e., Russian in this instance) than to the general (Western) filmgoing public.
I've seen some of the Chinese films he refers to, and personally I find it refreshing to see self-aggrandizing nationalism in entertainment from other countries.  It's not like "(Western)" war movies aren't nationalistic.  I can't quite tell whether the reviewer realizes this and is just warning his target demographic (presumably 12-year-old American gamers) that T-34 has a different perspective than they're used to, or he really believes that only Russian or Chinese or Korean, etc. audiences think that their countries are the center of the universe.  If so, he should see some British or French WWII films -- those countries are Western too.