Thursday, June 28, 2018

Feelings ... Nothing More Than Feelings

Something just occurred to me about this picture, which I used in a previous post:

I don't know if it's genuine; it seems too good to be true.  It would be foolish to rely on it too much, and most of the more genteel right-wingers I know would disassociate themselves from these trailer trash anyway.

What occurred to me is that "Politically Correct" as used by genteel right-wingers and centrists is code for "Fuck your feelings."  Their feelings, by contrast, are virgin and must remain intact until the Lord Jesus comes.  But your feelings, most specifically the feelings of women who've been grabbed by Harvey Weinstein or drugged by Bill Cosby; the feelings of parents and children pulled apart at the border by racist goons; the feelings of black kids shot in the back by cops; the feelings of Palestinians gunned down by the IDF, Iranians, Hondurans, poor Cubans (as opposed to the paleo-Batististas in Miami), poor Venezuelans (as opposed to the fascist rightists to whom the US has been funneling money ever since Hugo Chavez became President and down to the failed coup against Nicolas Maduro just a few days ago); trans people cast by vicious Christian thugs as sexual predators -- all these and more don't count.  Only the feelings of Trump's base matter.  Be civil to them, but fuck your feelings.