Thursday, December 14, 2017

Eliminate the Fake Tribalism, Give Us the Real Tribalism

This comment was posted under Ian Welsh's latest post:
The trick is in being able to shift as much of the common culture away from tribal identity and towards what’s really going on, who the real enemies are. [Roy] Moore was a good poster child for the corrupt nastiness that appears to want to benefit white males, but really only benefits the top 1%.
It pretty well demonstrates the vacuity of the term "tribalism."  The commenter is perfectly happy to carve humanity into distinct groups (or tribes, as he's using the term); he just wants his tribe (which is not my tribe, thanks anyway) to oppose the real bad tribe as he sees it, the "real enemies."  Ironically, his position is the exact opposite of Welsh's in the post he's commenting on.  It's common for people to use comments sections to soapbox for their own positions, but I don't think this guy even realizes that he's disagreeing.