Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

I'd better write this before the day gets away from me altogether.  The blogger Batocchio is collecting his annual list of bloggers' best posts of the year, following the late Jon Swift's tradition.  I'm looking through what I wrote this year to see what I might send him, and it occurred to me that I'd be interested to know if my readers have an opinion.  Do any of my posts from 2013 stand out for you?  If so, I'd be delighted to hear what you think.

I was going to enable comments for this one post, to make it easier for people to weigh in, but that option seems to have disappeared from my setup on Blogger; so I'm afraid e-mail is the only way to let me know.  But I'd be glad to hear from anyone who has a suggestion.  Happy holidays to all.