Saturday, October 12, 2013

Oooohh! I Scared Myself

Colbert's very good at this sort of thing. After a friend linked to this meme today, I was inspired to imagine President Obama's strategy, using the same model.  Something like this:

I promise not to take my turn until after you've taken your turn, if that's all right with you, because no American hates success, so I'll give you an extra turn just to be fair. Are you sure you've had enough turns? I have to stand up to my base here, and not let them push me around. They're just going to whine that I haven't done enough, but look at all the turns I've given you! They won't be satisfied until I've turned this country into socialist Canada. Can I have a turn now? No? Well, I wouldn't want to seem unreasonable. But I'm going to stand firm this time. No More Mister Nice Guy!  If you want to fight over your taking another turn, that's a fight I'm willing to have. Take another turn, or you're going to see me angry.

After I posted a version of this under my friend's link, another friend of hers commented in my direction: "'socialist Canada' - you do know Canada is a capitalist country right?"  Sigh.  Today's youth -- no sense of irony.  [P.S.  Of course I know that Canada is a capitalist country.  Obama seems not to know that.]