Friday, July 5, 2013

What Is God's Last Name Again?

There's a person on Facebook who has the account named "God."  His or her postings consist of snark aimed mainly at conservative and fundamentalist Christians, who are excellent but easy targets.  The assumption underlying the account appears to be that this God is preferable to the God of the Bible thumpers; I don't agree, and I have my fun by posting my own snark at the Facebook God, with a good deal more hostility than I usually express in that venue.

I don't really have any idea who Amanda Bynes is.  But when did God, any God, help those millions of starving people out there?  He could help them and Amanda Bynes.  I'm constantly surprised at how shallow the critics of conservative religion are.  And yet, when they put on their God masks, they can't imagine anything but a lazy do-nothing slacker god at best, and a cosmic sadist at worst.  ("Yahweh, how many times I have told you to clean up your planet?"  "Aw, Mom, let me alone, I'm busy playing Grand Theft Auto!")