Sunday, June 30, 2013

Vandalism for Thee But Not for Me?

This image is spreading from Gay Marriage USA on Facebook.  Supposedly the two grinning geeks it depicts are straight, though I don't see that it makes any difference.

The first time I saw it myself, it was shared by my friend A.  Remember her?  She was the person who was PO'd because someone placed a fundamentalist Christian tract on a shelf in the stacks of the library where she works.  She called that "littering."  Here, however, she was endorsing vandalism.  It all depends on whose ox is being gored, I guess.

Yes, it's mild as vandalism goes; but so was the "littering" in the library stacks that upset A.  I imagine that these fine Straight Allies put the S back on the marquee after posing for their photo op, and if so, no permanent harm was done.  But I'm a lot less impressed by these two boys than they evidently are by themselves.  I also feel safe in saying that a photo of someone doing something analogous to, a pro-gay church would not have gotten A's approval, or Gay Marriage USA's.  There would probably be a lot of righteous indignation and inflation of the offense.  I've been guilty of the same kind of double standard myself in the past; it comes naturally to many human beings, but that's not really an excuse.  I'm not demonizing A here either, or even these fine Straight Allies.  They're young, maybe someday they'll become more thoughtful.  I'm just impressed by how quickly A went from inflating some fundamentalist outreach into littering, to endorsing a minor act of vandalism.  What a difference a few days make.