Monday, March 25, 2013

Outstaying Its Welcome

We didn't get the seven inches of snow that had been forecast last night, just two or three, but that's bad enough for the last week of March in south central Indiana.  Flurries continued today, and are supposed to continue through tomorrow.  So I'm going to use my displeasure over the weather as an excuse not to write much of a post today.  (I'm also captivated by two different books that I'd rather continue reading.  Might write about at least one of them when I'm done.)

Today's photo is from the Facebook page of one of my hometowns, probably taken in the 1920s.  It just occurred to me, looking at it again now, what snow removal would have been like before the internal combustion engine took over; probably next to nonexistent.  I've read about people digging a path to the barn and the outhouse and waiting for a thaw.  It could be worse, but I'm an optimist: it could be better.