Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Greatest Hits of 2012

One thing I do like about the new Blogger interface is that it shows how many views each post has had.  This doesn't mean that every person who landed on the page actually read the post, of course, but there is a wide range of numbers.  So, instead of trying to summarize the highlights of the past year's posts, I'm going to list those which got the most views.  Counting down the top 25:

25. Rudi, I Killed Your Father On watching the Disney live-action movie Third Man on the Mountain for the first time since I was a kid.

24. I Like Your Queer Theory, I Do Not Like Queer Theorists  Queer Theory isn't the problem, it's the way so many Queer Theorists get it all wrong.  This post is the first of three I wrote about a new book of GLBT history.

23. It's National "Don't Talk Like a Tribalist" Day In which I tried to think through my reservations about the use of "tribal" and "tribalism" as putdowns by certain leftish bloggers.

22. Too Gay, Not Gay Enough, and Just Right On GLBT characters in GLBT fiction, starting with an interview with writers Stephen McCauley and Carol Anshaw.

21. Alien vs. Predator?  Julian Assange vs. Mark Zuckerberg, Wikileaks vs. Facebook, journalism vs. corporations, public vs. private.

20. Shin Jung Hyun  About the US release of a retrospective CD of music by a great South Korean rock guitarist from the 1970s.

19. If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say, Come Sit Here By Me President Obama and the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

18. Treating Falsehood with Complaisance About supposed early Christian "gay marriage" rituals, as misunderstood on the Internet.

17. Can They Do That?  Pearl Cleage fawns on President Obama, Ron Paul's supposed appeal to young voters, George Carlin and the Seven Words You Can't Say on the air.

16. Disappointment? About a common diversionary tactic used by Obama loyalists during the election campaign.

15. Evolution Helps Those Who Help Themselves It was meant to be, by Fate, God, or Natural Selection.

14. The Sound of Silence  A meme I liked, featuring Steve Buscemi on God.

13. The Perfect Is the Enemy of the Good On voting and whining, and Obama loyalists' attacks on Glenn Greenwald and other critics of Obama from the left.

12. Control Freaks On the disturbing persistence of eugenics in progressive/left discussion of population growth.

11. Love Me for My Skeleton Alone Hatred of the body among pro-gay people.

10. The Mouth of Bourbon Street About a creepy video of college football fans molesting a passed-out fan from a rival school.

9. What a Handsome Young Man They Had Got.  About Sylvia Townsend Warner's 1954 novel The Flint Anchor and its subtle homoeroticism.

8. Father Knows Best Authoritarian patriarchal psychiatry during the 1950s and 1960s in the US and England.

7. My Haters Are My Motivators.  The controversy over J. C. Penney's taking on Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson, and the ethics of boycotting corporations.

6. Bugs Bunny Made Me Gay Gender confusion in popular entertainment, from the Good Old Days down to the present.

5. Oh Myyy ... Gay Christians Say even more Darnedest Things, with George Takei as enabler.

4. The Fools Think About the Clever People, Of Course On the triumph of emotion over reason, and the personality cult in the Obama election campaign. 

3. Un Baile Dulce Really just a picture I found online, of some cute Mexican men dancing together.  I guess other people like to see that as much as I do.

2. On Stereotyping The Triumph of the Meme, or Who's the Guy in That Picture?

1. The Common Clay of the New West Racism and the inability to distinguish between legal and illegal immigrants on the nativist Right.

In case you're wondering, the number of page views for these posts ranged from 149 for number 25 to 903 for number 1.