Monday, November 5, 2012

Liberals Say the Darnedest Things!

I hate even to link to this creepily dishonest cartoon, but if you want to experience the feeling of a boot stamping on your face forever, as I just did, go ahead and click through.  I'm really only linking it because I feel a responsibility to give a source.  The comments from the Obama supporters are mostly in the same vein, but one person keeps using this meme as a signature on every comment they post:
"Dear Religion, this week I safely dropped a man from space while you shot a child in the head for wanting to go to school. Yours, Science."
I've seen that elsewhere online lately, and I can't help wondering what all the Science fans would have said if Felix Baumgartner hadn't made it safely to the ground.  But when the commenter defended the use of predator drones because they're "Cheaper to fly" and "Doesn't [sic] put pilot's lives [sic] at risk", I added this comment to the thread:
"Dear Religion, this week you shot a child in the head for wanting to go to school. This week I bombed a child gathering firewood by remote control from thousands of miles away, and then bombed the family members who came to carry away her body.  Yours, Science."
Eat your heart out, Religion!  Let's celebrate all the triumphs of science!