Saturday, October 20, 2012

Six Out of Seven Spin Doctors Agree

I'm grateful to the zealous guardians of public health who've been warning Americans of this ominous new health threat.  We should all be vigilant against it!

But in the excitement of our struggle against Romnesia, we shouldn't forget another malady that has been spreading across the US like a radioactive virus for the past four years: Obamnesia.

Murder of civilians? Bombing cities? Kill lists?  Support for dictators against popular uprisings and the threat of free elections?  Assault on civil liberties at home? Protecting corporate fraudsters and CIA torturers from accountability? All down the memory hole. It's all summed up in a few simple words: "Look to the future, not to the past."  If messy, negative memories threaten to erupt from the depths of your mind, just repeat that motto.  Obamacare, however, doesn't cover it.

(Personal note: I'm disturbed to find that what seemed like writer's block turns out to be my mind's refusal to write on subjects other than politics and especially the current election campaign.  There are other subjects that matter to me.  But for some reason, writing about them is a struggle compared to dishing out snark about the candidates and their cheering sections.  The words just fly from my fingers.  It's as though I were channeling them.  Depressing.)