Sunday, June 17, 2012

Little-Known Fun Facts

Here's a handy bit of information (via) to try out on your Republican acquaintances (coworkers, family members, friends).
POLL: Nevada Republicans Favor Brothels Over Marriage Equality 3-1 | A new Public Policy Polling poll finds that brothels enjoy popular support across all political parties in Nevada, including 66 percent of both Democrats and Republicans. A March poll found that only 20 percent of Nevada Republicans support same-sex marriage, a juxtaposition that PPP described as “an interesting take on family values.” Nevada’s brothels have no legal restrictions on sexual orientation, so according to the state’s Republicans, it’s okay if gays and lesbians pay for sex, just so long as they don’t settle down and start families.
One quibble, of course: you don't have to get married to settle down and start a family.  Not even heterosexuals do.  Often starting a family comes before marriage, even nowadays.  But still, an entertaining tidbit.