Tuesday, May 8, 2012

All the News That Fits

Don't you love the way the corporate media concentrate on the issues, instead of trivia?

I approve of Clinton's look, and it occurred to me again today while listening to her on the radio that the way she speaks is refreshing too: she keeps her voice in a relatively low register, without sounding insecure about exercising authority.  But that doesn't change the fact that she's a warmongering liar.  The other day she told an audience in India:
That's a very good question, and let me give you a little context for that question. When President Obama took over in 2009, we knew Iran's continuing development of a nuclear weapons program would be very destabilizing in the region, because there would be an arms race with the nations in the region who have pre-existing enmity between themselves and Iran. And it would also cause a great threat to Israel.
As Peter Hart of FAIR pointed out, there's no evidence that Iran has a nuclear weapons program.  But you know how it is: the GOP only has emotion, the Democrats have facts.  (I forgot to include the Iran canard when I was writing about Obama's lies in that one, but it shouldn't be forgotten.)

In a related vein, I'm beginning to suspect that some fans of the "Texts from Hillary" tumblr believe that the images are authentic -- actual examples of wit and wisdom from the smartphone of the Secretary of State herself, instead of a gag by a couple of geeks.  (Yes, she submitted one herself.)  Has anyone noticed this?  Even if these people know better, some of the gushing I've seen ("I luv Hillary's texts LOL!") seems excessive; I don't think they're that funny.  But then, I liked the Downfall video.