Tuesday, March 29, 2011

His Eye Is on the Bulldog

My minister friend on Facebook is at it again:
Worship this morning was such a gift...amazing music by the choir...great hymns... Friend's college age son came and asked, on way to church, "Will this guy keep me awake?" Told her that was pressure. Meeting with a few key leaders over lunch...and then organ concert by Charles Webb tonight. I am thankful. (And Butler and Bloomington South both won big games!) God is good...and still adjusting my heart.
If Butler University and one of the local high schools won big basketball games, a person of faith can see the hand of God in it, and God is good. Not so good to the defeated opponents, of course, but they must have done something to deserve their losses. And it's all part of the plan, right?

My friend's god couldn't do anything to prevent earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, China, or Japan, but that would be a lot of work. But his eye is on the Bulldog.

And, let me remind you, my friend isn't one of those Bible-thumping fundalits like Pat Robertson. He's a respectable Christian, the kind by whom I'm often exhorted to judge Christianity. I judge Christianity by other standard-bearers, like the Jesus of the gospels, but if you want me to judge the faith by people like my friend, so be it.