Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Evil Boyar Leads the Little Father Astray Yet Again

On the other hand, Representative Alan Grayson appeared on CNN and, more in sorrow than in anger, declared that Robert Gibbs knows Fox Talking Points and little else.

One commenter at Joe.My.God lent support to an earlier suspicion of mine when he complained that Grayson is "always, always in frothing at the mouth attack mode, and that kind of constant over the top response wears thin after awhile." Even if I grant that this was meant literally, it's an odd way to characterize Grayson's mild, smiling demeanor in this clip. (Another, Obamabot commenter called Grayson "too radical" -- this middle-of-the-road Democrat from a Southern state! -- and predicted that he won't be re-elected.) If you say something that someone else doesn't want to hear, you'll be characterized as "angry," "frothing," "extreme," no matter how mild your demeanor or how moderate your opinion.

I disagree with Grayson, though, when he blames it all on Gibbs for not doing a better job of representing Obama, of selling the President to the nation's voters. As though Obama couldn't direct his Press Secretary to take a different line, or failing that, to replace him! Given Obama's own expressed contempt for his left critics and his inability to understand why many of his erstwhile supporters have come not to trust him, I see no reason to believe that Gibbs wasn't speaking for his boss on that fateful day. Yes, it was a stupid move, but I think Obama refuses to believe that his actions could be alienating his base.