Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Dozen Degrees

That's the temperature outside tonight. Snow has been falling since last night, not hard but hard enough to close area schools and various other institutions. It's not bad weather compared to the northern Indiana snowfalls I grew up with, and not cold compared to what we've had for most of the past week -- to say nothing of places farther north -- but it'll do.

After it got dark I decided I wanted to go out for a walk. I was just in time for the snow to pour down more heavily, so I got out my camera and tried to catch what it looked like. I forgot to turn off the flash for the first one, so I got the above closeup of falling flakes with street lights in the background. (I like it, though, because it reminds me of deep-space photos of colliding galaxies. Except for the street sign.) I fiddled with the settings for a bit and got this one, which is more like what I saw, but you can't really see the snowflakes.

So, I took this. I should figure out how to loop it, so it could be a virtual version of the little glass globes that show fake snow falling over a miniature town.

It's supposed to snow until at least tomorrow. Meanwhile, try this brief winter apocalypse from Lenin's Tomb, which satirizes the way a good many people respond to a few inches of alien frozen matter.