Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Here's the trailer (via) for a new Korean film that's supposed to open this month. Probably not quite safe for work -- there are some discreetly raunchy moments -- but safe for human beings. Sorry, it isn't subtitled, but you can probably get the gist of what's going on. The English title, Just Friends?, is a fair translation of the Korean chingusai, which means "between friends" and has been used by gay Korean organizations in the home country and elsewhere.

I was distracted at first by the English-language song that plays in the background, and by the comedy buzzes, clangs, and pops that I recognize from Korean tv shows. But it looks like it might be fun. Here's a poster.

Across the top it says "Mom! I like men!" Above the Korean title in small letters it says, very roughly, "99.9% Pure Gay Romance." A friend tells me that the word for "pure" is Pusan dialect -- that's a port city in southeastern Korea, also the home of the Pusan International Film Festival, where Chingusai screened in October. For a conservative Confucian country, Korea is putting out some interesting gay films.