Monday, October 26, 2009

Volver Volver Volver Volver

I've been distracted (bewitched? bothered? bewildered?) and disorganized recently, so I have nothing all that serious to post. Until I get my act together, here is some music.

First, a neat video of Chavela Vargas singing a song on Spanish TV about a decade ago. I love tough old ladies like her, and am moved both by her performance and by the love the audience and her fellow singers send her.

This is the version of "Volver" (different song, similar title) used in Almodรณvar's film Volver. Penelope Cruz lip-synched it, but it was sung by Estrella Morente. There's a music video of Cruz' performance (not exactly as it appears in the movie, but a promotional clip), but this video lets you concentrate on the song.

Here's Morente herself performing.

Finally, here's the original tango version of "Volver" by Carlos Gardel. And here Gardel sings it in a movie, with Spanish subtitles.