Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dancing Queen

Okay, this clip gets points for 1) having some major queens as teaching authority figures and 2) showing two boys dancing a waltz together on network TV.

Not many points, but still. I was amused by Bruno's introduction to the second segment as 'how professionals do it.' And just as I expected, it's as romantic as watching two "professionals" have sex together.

Someday, I'd like to see two boys dancing together like this:

For a romantic effect, the dancers should look at each other instead of playing to the audience or camera, as the reigning champions do in Strictly Ballroom, and as the Show and Tell dancers do. Meanwhile, check out this little number, about two guys who pick each other up in front of a statue in the park, a standard cruising site. After some cautious initial foot-tapping to establish their mutual interest, they chat briefly, call each other by women's names (in-group "code" among homosexuals), and finally dance together -- though not till after 5:26 do they take each other in their arms. Not very romantic, but then, they're professionals.