Friday, May 1, 2009

Poetry Friday - Delilah


He is a man, with a great liking for women,
and women cannot withhold themselves from such a strong man.
Haven't you heard how he went in to the Gazite whore,
how he lay with her till midnight?
And haven't you heard how the doors of the city could not hold fast against him?
He would not be restrained, he carried them to the hilltops east of Hebron.
Then how could I resist? How could I deny him anything?
There is no portal that can stand against him.
His arms, they are so strong, you know,
and I love to be held in those strong arms of his.
And his hair, it is so long and thick and black --
well, in his arms I sometimes dream
it is a lion loving me,
and that is a dream I like:
a gentle lion, a lion that loved you,
his claws held in their sheaths for you,
his teeth kept covered, not to mark you,
and all his power at your service, to protect you,
kneeling humble at your feet --
Well, that is a dream I like.
so why not shear the lion's mane,
to show that he belongs to you?
He is a warrior, is there anyone who doesn't know
how many men he has killed?
The Philistines tremble; I am only a woman,
I can only sit and listen.
In his arms he holds me captive while he tells me stories;
he is the hero of every one of them.
"Out of the meat-eater there comes meat,
out of the strong comes something sweet."
So let his cup be full.
Is it not said that love makes a man blind?