Monday, July 21, 2008

Protest 73

(Photo of riot police at Protest 73 in Seoul on Sunday night by Yonghap, via the Korea Times.)

The Korean National Police Agency Commissioner General has threatened to take legal action against Amnesty International because AI's report on police violence during the candlelight vigil wasn't to its liking. Commissioner General Eo Cheong-soo claims that the report defamed police officers. AI countered that the police had interfered with their investigation.

The group also openly criticized the government for interfering in the research procedure. It alleged that the police did not allow [investigator Norma Kang] Muico to meet riot police officer Lee Gye-deok, whose request to be transferred to the military was rejected, and who was subsequently jailed in an alleged backlash.

One commenter to the article helpfully noted, "
Norma Kang Muico looks very unsexy." I'm so relieved to know that President Lee's supporters have their priorities straight.* The article is headed "Police Threaten Legan [sic] Action Against Amnesty" -- I wonder if the KT could use a competent copyeditor for their English edition, even if my politics aren't quite correct?

Despite the rainy season, the protests continue, with the police adding to the moisture with water cannon, according to The Hankyoreh, the source of the photo below:

*This comment reminds me of the time Larry King had some fashion pundits on to discuss Americans' view of Hillary Clinton, back when she was still First Lady.
Celebrity divorce lawyer and talk show host Raoul Felder was less forgiving to the woman at the center of the discussion, saying, "I don't know one good thing about her. She's got fat.... her legs are too short, her arms are too long.... If your legs are too short how do you evolve?"
As FAIR wondered, where are the discussions of John McCain's hips, or Rudy Giuliani's legs? Given the latter's apparent fondness for drag, this should have been an urgent question during this year's primary campaign. But don't mind me, I just wanted to save these links.