Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Maybe This Is The Right Day For This After All

I was going to sit out today -- holidays are not a priority of mine (except when I get the day off), and April Fool's is about as low on the list as they get. But then I realized how perfect this clip (a tip of the shot glass to Sideshow for the link) is for this day of all days. Susan Jacoby might want to consider switching from bloody marys.

And there's a slight, serious P.S. to yesterday's post. I stumbled on a young YouTube star called Tay Zonday. He is a graduate student at the University of Minnesota, and judging by this interview he's both bright and canny. He has an unusual deep voice -- roll over, James Earl Jones -- but looks much younger than his 25 years, so again, look at the comments under "Chocolate Rain" for hysterical homophobic abuse. There's no reason to believe that those who attack him know that he's ineffectual, weak, unable to please a woman, etc.; they're just hurling the first epithets that come into their empty heads, and what a surprise, what comes first into their empty heads are "a little homo michael jackson", "I AM A GAYLORD", "gay", "dood u suck ballz", and on and on. I think I'll call it Drive-By Homophobia -- the bravado of the boy who yells "faggot!" from the safety of a moving car full of his buddies, and thinks he's proved something.