Thursday, March 6, 2008

It Takes One To Know One

To show that I'm not totally out of it, that I have my thumbs pressed firmly around the Adam's apple of the American zeitgeist, this little anthem of American diversity. Be warned, it's not work-safe -- or, probably, human-safe:

According to Jeff Gordon's website, he's welcomed God into his, um, life. Is that like being taught the mystery of the kingdom of God?

Tim Wilson's kinda cute in an aging-yuppie way, and very postmodernly knowing in his comedy. Is that accent real? Who knows? But as I wrote to the late Francis Vincent Zappa: work it, girl!

And while I'm being trivial and catty, the very model of a modern homosexual, let me pass this along: Garfield Without Garfield -- via a comment at DTWOF, but it seems to be getting around.