Friday, November 5, 2010

This Man Must Be a Half-Prophet

From a comment I posted to John Caruso's blog A Distant Ocean on February 29, 2008 (yes, before Obama was even the Democratic presidential candidate):
I would expect that if we get a Dem in the White House, and he or she fails to deliver the change he or she has promised, we'll get a Republican Congress in 2010 -- just as we got in 1994, thanks to Clinton/Gore's pushing NAFTA through, and a change like the one we got in 2006, thanks to Bush's callousness and brutality to America. It'll take more than a vote to make real change happen, though. I'd expect people to retreat into apathy once more after new politicians fail to improve things, but what with this very unpopular war and a growing anger, that might not happen. If I have any hope, it's not in any candidate, but in other people. Will there be a movement worth joining? I hope so, but if so it will be probably be despite Obama or Clinton, just as the movements of the 60s were despite Kennedy.
Well, I was half-right, and considering Republican victories at the state and local levels, I think my crystal ball was working well that day. (And I need to remember and use my closing line from this comment a week later.)