Thursday, November 4, 2010

Inappropriately Touched By Iowa

Nobody deflates a pompous politician like Whatever It Is I'm Against It. He just demonstrated his filleting skills on Obama's post-holocaust press conference. My favorite:
WHAT THERE IS A INHERENT DANGER IN: “There is a inherent danger in being in the White House and being in the bubble. I mean, folks didn’t have any complaints about my leadership style when I was running around Iowa for a year.” So maybe you should be doing that, then. Also, you didn’t have a leadership style per se because you weren’t actually a, you know, leader yet.

WHAT THEY WERE ABLE TO DO: “And they got a pretty good look at me up close and personal, and they were able to lift the hood and kick the tires”. They did what you to you now? Show us on this Tonka truck where the Iowans touched you.
Or show us on the item in the (possibly NSFW) photo in this post.

In other news to complicate the story we're getting on the election, "The conservative Blue Dogs lost half their members, while the Progressive Caucus remains near eighty." Was America trying to send a message to the Democrats?