Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I may have made a mistake on Monday when I wrote about Obama's political rhetoric and the recommendations of his Catfood Commission:
Certain "choices," like cutting back on his wars and his surveillance state, are not going to be involved.
Overall, I think that's probably still a safe bet, but today Glenn Greenwald linked to a report that
In a draft proposal presented to the 18-member debt commission, the panel’s leaders suggested slashing $100 billion from defense spending by 2015 to get the nation’s finances in order. Some of the cuts would come from a portion of the savings that Gates wants to pour back into modern weapons systems and toward U.S. troops at war.
Not that $100 billion over a four-year-period amounts to much of a cut for aggression spending. I figure that Obama is learning to bargain, and those suggested cuts will be among the first he abandons in order to save higher gasoline taxes, higher deductibles for Medicare, lower corporate taxes, and other vital choices. I just wanted to mention that the Commission did recommend cuts in military spending, contrary to my expectations.