Saturday, May 29, 2010

Message: I Care

The other day President Obama gave his first press conference in ten months, to reassure the nation that he's on the job and "BP is operating at our direction." Doesn't that make you feel better? Mitch Froomkin at Huffington Post reports that Obama "hammered home his main talking point over and over again", in "a powerful rhetorical rejoinder to the growing perception that Obama has been personally disengaged from the disaster in the Gulf." He does admit that "there was very little there for those who are more concerned with what's actually happening on the ground and in the water than with presidential optics", and concludes that "Obama can say he's in charge and BP isn't, but that doesn't make it so." But the President's virtues outweigh his defects, I'm sure, just like America.

Whatever It Is I'm Against It disassembles the press conference here, and quotes some weird Presidential jokes, or attempts at jokes, here. Tain't funny, McGee. And:

P.S. The Field Negro does an excellent job of talking back to the President; too bad the White House isn't listening.