Friday, November 20, 2020

Beloved, I Am Writing to You...


If only they hadn't bought those new iPhones, or the Air Jordans!  But no - they started listening to that hip hop, were seduced by the bling, the cars, the fast women, the blow.  And now they're broke.

Slightly more seriously, I've been getting mixed messages on this.  On one hand, their crew are saying that they have to ask for money because Trump is denying them that government money that should pay for the transition.  I could believe that.  But I'm also hearing that it's totally normal, all incoming administrations raise money for the transition, so shut up shut up shut up.  This latter explanation simply justifies the anger of some critics who point to the number of Americans who can't pay their bills, who are lining up for food banks, who know that if they get sick they won't be able to afford treatment.  Some apologists point to the words "if you're able", but that doesn't help either; of course people with no income aren't going to be able to donate, but who will help them?