Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I'm In Ur Private Plane Surfing Ur Kite

I haven't had occasion to post any Cute Obama Pictures for some time, but I imagine we'll be seeing plenty more now that he's handed repressive surveillance, privatizing Social Security, and drone killings along to Donald Trump.  The AV Club fawns.
Where will Obama’s sick adventures take him next? Skydiving? Getting an ankle tattoo of a turtle? Paintball at his cousin’s property up by the reservoir? Edibles? It’s hard to say, but his future looks so sick, he’s going to have to wear rainbow-gradient Oakley shades. 
One commenter gushed, "I would give my life for Mr. President Obama if he parachuted into N. Korea and personally executed Kim Jong-Un."  But Kim Jong-Un is already cool.