Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The United States of Amnesia, Latest Installment

A couple of weeks ago, numerous liberal friends on Facebook were posting pictures of children who'd been injured in the Syrian Civil War, which they'd apparently gotten from corporate media, thus showing their bold opposition to the Assad regime and to all bad governments that hurt children. Much handwringing -- "if only we could do something," etc. Not one of them posted pictures of Yemeni children who'd been hurt in the Saudi "coalition" invasion of Yemen, which is supported materially by the US and UK governments. Not one. Well, no wonder -- they hadn't been given permission to be upset about Yemeni children ("unworthy victims," as Noam Chomsky calls them), and our courageous adversary media hadn't supplied them with piteous pictures to share. And now even the concern about Syrian children seems to have dried up.