Saturday, March 28, 2015

I'm Still Here

Because I've been very bad and neglectful of this blog for so long, I'm going to do something I wouldn't ordinarily do: I'm going to point you to a promotion for the impending re-publication of three of Denton Welch's novels as e-books by Open Road Integrated Media.  Welch (1915-1948) was a queer English writer whose work I admired and wrote about in the gay press thirty years ago.  My readers are mature adults, I know, and won't be swayed by mere commercialism.  (They offered me a free e-galley, but I passed on it, just to keep my purity.)  It appears that his work is still mostly in physical print, but if you're interested in owning (or rather licensing) the electronic versions, they are due for release in the first week of April.