Wednesday, August 7, 2013

That'll Teach That House a Lesson

You've heard of the superstitious old days, when animals were tried and executed for various crimes?  Including crimes against nature?  (This doesn't seem like it should be so outrageous to modern sensibilities, since many people increasingly treat non-human animals as people and members of the family.  With rights go responsibilities!)

Anyway, in the Twenty-First Century, we've come to this: the demolition of a house where a crime was committed, with due process of law of course, as "a relative of one victim represented the three and took the controls of the wrecking crane for the first smash into the top of the front wall. Later, as the house debris disappeared into the basement, church bells rang."  So it was a highly spiritual moment.  As one former resident of the street put it, "tearing the house down was important for the neighborhood to show 'that monster – that he is behind bars and that he's never going to get out.'"  This will send a message to houses everywhere, to be responsible for what happens within their walls, unlike the people in this neighborhood, who never noticed anything amiss in that household over a decade.

In other news on the same web page, "Selena Gomez Wears Impossibly Short Shorts."  Obviously symbolic of how life goes on.