Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I Am Shocked! Shocked! To Find There's Incivility Going On Here

Oh, and before I forget, Roy Edroso has an amusing little post at alicublog today, calling out a rightblogger who laments the rudeness of liberals: "Conservatives think liberals have bad ideas and liberals think conservative are bad people ... Rush at least apologized for his nasty crack about pro-choice activist Sandra Fluke being a 'slut.'"  (See my previous posts about pro forma apologies.)

Edroso then embedded an image from another rightblogger featuring an obese public employee asleep at his desk.  Oh my goodness!  Liberals would never make fun of a right-winger's weight.  Besides, it's different when they do it; they do it out of true Christian love, not the hypocritical fake Christianity of the wingnuts.

Accusations of incivility are not very convincing from either party.  I don't think civility is the highest value in debate, especially since most people consider it uncivil merely to be disagreed with, regardless of the reasons.