Sunday, May 13, 2012


Sorry for my silence this weekend.  There was an alumni reunion at Collins Living-Learning Center, the dormitory in whose dining hall I worked for over thirty years, and for the first time (this was the third reunion) I could attend purely as a participant, not as a worker.  Some forty years' worth of alumni attended, and it was good to see familiar as well as unfamiliar faces.  It's a humanities-oriented LLC, which has since been supplemented on campus by a business-oriented one in another quad, but Collins has seniority and a long tradition of loyal community, plus a high level of academic achievement.  Just as a worker, I made a lot of friends there, among students who worked with me part-time in the dishroom or just people I met.  That's what took up most of my time for the past two days; I'll be back on the beat tomorrow.