Friday, September 9, 2011

War In Our Time

In July a BBC reporter in Afghanistan was killed during a battle between NATO forces and Taliban insurgents. NATO, of course, claimed that he was killed by the Taliban. Now an official inquiry has confirmed his family's belief that Ahmed Omed Khpalpan was shot by a NATO soldier. Eleven times.

Naturally, the Professional Left has been spreading this news around. Here's the response from a pro-Obama "grassroots political action committee established to aide [sic] in getting out the vote in 2012."

This is about as viciously demented as anything you'd see from the Republican Right. (This, for instance. I'm counting down until RWA1 links to it.) But after all, Greenwald has blasphemed the Obama devotees' God-king so many times, it's not surprising. It's a good reminder that for so many Democrats the trouble with Bush's crimes was that he was a Republican; once a Democrat commits them, they're not crimes anymore. Therefore it was perfectly legitimate for Democrats to criticize Bush, but not for anyone of any party to criticize Obama.